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My name is Brandon, and I am an Architect. Well that kind of felt like an opening statement at an AA meeting! Architects Anonymous of course… I always wonder if I will ever reach the heights of those whom I have studied and admire; Those who have an agenda, and its not just to turn a profit… In the end, I think it is all just practice, so I will dedicate this site to the becoming of myself, as an architect. I consider myself to be a designer, builder, and entrepreneur. It is my ambition to design wonderful spaces /”things”, see that they are constructed as I envision them, and make friends & business out of these first two acts.

My educational experience comes from the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Besides being critically trained by their esteemed faculty, I was able to spend my 2010 summer abroad in Mexico City and 15 other various cities throughout Mexico participating in an urban design studio. During this trip I had the fortune to learn very unique drawing techniques from Tom Mills of Rhode Island School of Design. The following semester, I received the honor of participating in a design studio chaired by “rock star” architect Tom Kundig of Seattle based Olsen Kundig Architects.

My professional experience is the product of practice at two different firms and my own personal endeavors. These personal endeavors began with the necessity to make money to put myself through college and more recently have developed into opportunities for me to explore my ideas and talents. Please see my resume for a short list of relevant projects. My professional portfolio originated at Lewis Architects, Engineers in Little Rock, Arkansas where I gained knowledge of the integrity that the profession demands. Currently, I am working for Taggart Architects in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The possibilities seem endless and I enjoy every minute of my work.

I credit a lot of my successes to the support of my wife, whom inspired me, and made it possible for me to finish my Architectural degree. My wife and I also have two beautiful daughters who we praise for our motivation and inspirations.

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