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This weekend’s project.

On 18, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Musings

One of them anyway… DIY Upholstery

My wife and I bought two of these chairs new from Unique Furniture in Jacksonville with the intention of recovering them. Ultimately, we wanted two vintage chairs that we could bring back to life, but were having trouble finding some. You would think with all the flea markets and antique stores in Arkansas, that this wouldn’t be such a feat…. But it was, and we came across these, Mrs. Whoo made us a good deal on the pair, so we took them home. Once we got them home we instantly noticed that chairs are alot larger than they seemed in the store, and that the wood color clashed with our hardwood floors. Thus, the decision to paint them was instantly proposed. The next decision that we had to make was what fabric would we like to recover them in; that way we could decide on a paint color for the wood work. Once we found something that was bold enough to make the statement that we wanted and a pattern that we agreed upon, the choice of the paint color was easy…BLACK. Now the actual finish of the black was also somewhat of another debate. The choices I proposed were: 1. antiqued to show the wood grain or a color below, 2. crackle finish, or 3. lacquer black with a white glaze to highlight the detailing. The final decision was to go lacquer black with a white glaze and then let the fabric do most of the work.

So, I have gotten the chairs striped of their existing cladding:

And I have purchased all of my materials. For my paint process, I devised a plan (while standing in Lowes):

  • Step One: Sand, Prime with oil base Kilz, sand again.
  • Step Two: Clean, Paint – spray black lacquer (Valspar).
  • Step Three: Wet sand detailed areas that I want the glazing to stick to.
  • Step Four: Wipe on white glaze (Valspar faux mixing glaze/white paint).
  • Step Five: Spray clear with satin PolyAcrylic for durability and long lasting finish.
Finally, time to recover with the new fabric… And TA-DA! BAAM! There is the statement that we were looking for!
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