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On 29, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In Musings

I can’t believe it has been 5 months since my last post! I have got to get with it! There is so much going on that I cant find the time to share any of it. It almost seems that my time is all that I have been selling lately…

So who is buying it all up:

  • Family
  • TAGGART Projects – UALR Nursing School in Construction Administration/ Civitan Adult Services Center coming out of Design Development straight into Construction Documents.
  • D²B Projects – Hamby Residence, Fayetteville. Kessinger Addition, NLR. POD, prototype.
  • Community Involvement – new entraprenual startup communitee/facility in NLR
  • Volunteer Work – local USGBC chapter, Arkansas Green Schools Challenge #goteamgreenbrierjuniorhigh
  • And it is DUCK season folks!

Those that know me well, know which of this take the most priority. At this point, I feel comfortable spinning all these plates… And I am always willing to take on some more. Over ambitious? Maybe a little…. This thought makes me want to quote Too Short (rapper); “You should be gettin’ it, gettin’ while the gettin’ is good.” I think life is, too short, and we must make the most out of every opportunity that is presented to us!

For the space that I spend the majority of my time, I am thankful that it is comfortable too!

I will do my best to post updates on these individual projects as soon as possible.

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