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Mountain Spa

A spa, located in a very remote location on a mountain. As a prospect of man’s domination and in respect for nature’s greatness, the project will present itself as a man made form that has been placed very gently upon the fragile landscape. The result of this mark on the landscape is a structure that is “above” nature, to make certain of all its uncertainties, and to attempt to overcome all of its forces in order to outlive them.


The mountain spa is to be sited at 10,080 feet above sea level on the stratovolcano, Mt. Rainier, which is the highest mountain in Washington and the Cascade Range. This site poses the most important questions on the project; method of contstruction, mode of arrival, sustainablility, etc…

1/4 Scale Model

The most common method of arriving at the mountain spa is via hiking. As part of the program, the project serves as stoping point along the path to the summit. It is a two day hike to summit, therefore the mountain spa gives the hikers a safe place to camp throughout the night and to prepare for the next days ascent or descent.

Hiking Approach

Helicopter Approach

The second method of arrival at the mountain spa is via helicopter. This option makes it possible for those who cannot endure the hike to have the ability to experience the spa. Also, besides being the main mode of transport for materials during construction, the helicopter also provides transportation for staff, goods, and other needs for operations after construction is complete.