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Urban Infill

The urban infill project is sited in the old downtown of Kansas City, Missouri. The program asked for very little; open floor space, possibly for storage units and the future adaptabiltiy to become apartments. Essentially a “core & shell” project, urban infill’s focus is on technology and envelope systems with a response to the surrounding context.



The material that was chosen for this project was Zinc. Its ability to patina in a short period of time, and its durability are the most desirable characteristics. The material was manipulated into two skins: the east and west facades feature a 4″ deep standing seam offering a mechanism of defense for the glazing, while the north facade was pulled tight with a very minimal seam which expressed the buildings vulnerabilty to the alley.



As one enters the portico of stretched weathered gray zinc seams and black anodized aluminum window frames, he or she is immediately protected from the street but still offered a high degree of visability.

Entry Sequence


Eventually the project became very expressive of the nature of its envelope system and the way in which it is assembled.



In order to create a custom assembly, one must understand the physical properties and layers that define it. This true axonometric was drawn two-dimensionally so that as the layers of the assembly are peeled back, each line has to be carefully thoughfull of its representation.